Introduction to Health coach Jill de Jong, author of “Models do Eat”

Jill de Jong
Head of Health coach

My name is Jill de Jong, I used to travel around the globe as a model until I realized that my heart was longing for more purpose. I found my passion in health and wellness and I made a career shift to be a health coach, personal trainer and chef.

It brings me great joy to help others overcome obstacles and see them take excellent care of themselves. I live by this motto:

“The quality of my food equals the quality of my day”

Everything that we put in our mouth influences how we feel. I believe that good nutrition and exercise are the fundamentals of a healthy and happy life.  

I created AWAKE and CALM for Teatis Tea with you in mind. I know that you need focused energy during the day to get all the things on your to-do list done and to not get overwhelmed. You have a lot on your plate and recognize that when you are feeling good everyone around you benefits from it and the day is in flow. Finding balance can feel challenging at times but you are learning to take better care of yourself. Meditation, practicing yoga, exercise and drinking your tea have become sacred moments in which you let go and connect to yourself.  

Of course there’s room for improvement, we are human and naturally have a desire for making progress. I don’t recommend drastic changes to ones diet, I’m all about implementing small changes that over time become habits and make a real difference. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, be kind and patient. 

You’ll be able to make better choices when you know more about nutrition and how your body and mind benefits from it. On this blog I’ll share snack bites of interesting facts, tips and recipes with you.  

I would love to hear from you; share about your journey with me or aks me any questions. Email:

Meaningful conversations and delicious food makes my heart sing.

Best of health,

Jill de Jong

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