Jill de Jong 
Head of Health coach

The world is shaken up by Covid-19, an unprecedented time in which we live with a lot of uncertainty, fear and isolation. We don't know how this all is going to play out, we DO know that taking excellent care of ourselves has never been more important.

Our immune system protects the body from the virus and it needs special attention. Here are six simple ways to boost your health.

Eat garlic and onion daily

Garlic and onion add a lot of flavor to your meals and act like natural antibiotics, they are immune system super stars. 

2. Reduce stress

The stress hormone cortisol can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. Tip: watch/read less news and try to move your body more. (e.g., do yoga/ walk outside)

3. Drink Tea

Especially immune boosting herbal (green/echinacea/ginger) and our Teatis Tea Matcha/Peppermint (AWAKE ) and Turmeric/Ginger (CALM) are chockfull antioxidants and medicinal properties.

4. Avoid eating “added” sugar

Eating sugar is like a punch in the stomach of your immune system. But fortunately not all sugars act the same; this is a good time to eat more fruit. Tip: If you have an intense sweet craving eat a date or a teaspoon of raw honey.

5. Eat (and drink) your greens

You know it but are you actually doing it? It can be as simple as sautéing

a cup of spinach for your morning omelet, having a salad for lunch and another veggie like asparagus or kale for dinner with your choice of grain and/or protein.

6. Meditate

If you are now working from home this may be a good time to introduce meditation to your life. Tip: meditate 5-20 min right after you wake up. Do not turn your phone on until you are done.

Arame seaweed is what makes our tea blends unique.Enjoy the health benefits it provides!

Teatis Tea contains 500mg Extracted Arame seaweed in every cup. Seaweed polyphenols are reported to effectively block fat and sugar absorption and lower blood sugar levels in clinical studies. Enjoy perfect golden milk or macha latte with Teatis Tea CALM&AWAKE blend. Vibrant you!